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Volumes by Brandon Hambright


Engine 45 // The Ghost Inside~bands, tats, scenery~

if its a war you came to see you will never see me wave a white flag in front of me, i can’t end up dead i won’t be misled so I’ll keep singing this song inside my head

SecretsAtlanta, GA4/16/14
Couldn’t choose which one I liked more. But he’s sure good at apologizing 🙈 “Forever and Ever” 💜💚

white as fuck

The World Alive by Charlotte Davidson - Frame57 on Flickr.
Anonymous: Hey! Can you find that picture with the dude with his face all smashed in and he's like lying in the street? I've seen it on your blog a while back and I wanna try finding it again but I can't.

I think I know what you’re talking about lol uh I can try to find it tomorrow for you


Born Of Osiris - Ronnie Canizaro (by Cutekayann)

Tyler Dennen | Sworn In 
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